[tmq_row][tmq_col size=»12″][tmq_divider align=»center»]ACCORDIONS[/tmq_divider][/tmq_col][/tmq_row]

[tmq_row][tmq_col size=»12″][tmq_accordions shortcodemode=»quick» title=»» slug=»slug-r6IXv» collapse=»automatic» postid=»226″][/tmq_accordions][/tmq_col][/tmq_row]

[tmq_row][tmq_col size=»12″][tmq_accordions shortcodemode=»custom» title=»» slug=»slug-bunpH» collapse=»automatic» postid=»226″][tmq_accordion order=»0″ title=»GET THE CODE» collapse=»automatic» slug=»slug-bunpH» mode=»open»]

[h5 size=»small» theme=»vivid»]Static ShortCode[/h5]

[pre]{{tmq_accordions shortcodemode=»custom» title=»Normal Accordions» slug=»x1x» collapse=»Manual»}}

{{tmq_accordion order=»0″ title=»First Accordion» collapse=»Manual» slug=»x1x» mode=»open»}}This is the first accordion content{{/tmq_accordion}}

{{tmq_accordion order=»1″ title=»Second Accordion» collapse=»Manual» slug=»x1x» mode=»close»}}This is another accordion.{{/tmq_accordion}}



[h5 size=»small» theme=»vivid»]Dynamic (Quick) ShortCode[/h5]

[pre]{{tmq_accordions shortcodemode=»quick» title=»Quick Accordions» slug=»x234″ collapse=»Automatic» postid=»1″}}[/pre]

[/tmq_accordion][tmq_accordion order=»1″ title=»CODE EXPLAINED» collapse=»automatic» slug=»slug-bunpH» mode=»close»]


This is the accordions block container.

  • shortcodemode: Custom / Quick[br][code]»Custom»[/code] means that the contents should be hard coded into the shortcode. (This Example)[br][code]»Quick»[/code] means that the contents of the accordions will be read from Magic Post Type.[label type=»info»]*[/label][br][br]
  • title: This is title of the accordions block. Leave this empty to show the accordions block without a header.[br][br]
  • slug: This should be a «random/unique in current page or post» code. This code will be generated by Themique Power ShortCodes [label type=»warning»]**[/label] but if you want to put the shortcode manually, you should choose a unique string for it like: «[code]x[/code]», «[code]myaccordion[/code]», «[code]slug1234[/code]» or …[br][br]
  • collapse: Manual / Automatic [br][code]»Manual»[/code] will let the user to open and close all the accordions manually.[br][code]»Automatic»[/code] will turn the accordions into the toggle mode which will allow only one open accordion at a time. It means that when you open an accordion, the previous opened accordion will be closed automatically.[br][br]
  • postid: ID of the Magic Post Type[label type=»info»]*[/label][label type=»warning»]**[/label] to put its content into the accordions block. This will only works with [code]»quick»[/code] parameter in [code]»shortcodemode»[/code] option. Please note that if you use this type of shortcodes, you don’t need to use [code]»tmq_accordion»[/code] shortcodes inside the main container.[br][br]



This is a single accordion in the accordions block.

  • order: Sort order of the accordion.[br][br]
  • title: Title of the single accordion.[br][br]
  • collapse: Manual/Automatic[br]Just like the accordions. This should be exactly equal to the tmq_accordions option value.[label type=»warning»]**[/label][br][br]
  • slug: Just same as the accordions. This must be exactly equal to the tmq_accordions option value.[label type=»warning»]**[/label][br][br]
  • mode: Open / Close[br][code]»open»[/code] means that when the page loads, this accordion item is opened automatically. More than open accordion can be opened.[br][code]»close»[/code] means that when the page loads, this accordion item will be closed by default.

[tmq_textalert title=»Magic Post Type*» closable=»disable» type=»info» icon=»»][label type=»info»]*[/label] Magic Post Type is a custom post type in Ventus theme which will let you create some contents and use/reuse them with some shortcodes like accordions, tabs, tour sections and …[/tmq_textalert]

[tmq_textalert title=»Auto Generated Options**» closable=»disable» type=»info» icon=»»][label type=»warning»]**[/label] Ventus has an exclusive shortcode manager named «Themique Power ShortCodes» which will create these values by itself. There is no need to set values for these fields manually but in case that you want to type the shortcode instead of using the shortcode manager, you should follow the instructions.[/tmq_textalert]

[/tmq_accordion][tmq_accordion order=»2″ title=»DON’T WANT TO CODE!» collapse=»automatic» slug=»slug-bunpH» mode=»close»]Screen Cast of Visual ShortCode Manager Coming Soon![/tmq_accordion][/tmq_accordions][/tmq_col][/tmq_row]

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