[tmq_row][tmq_col size=»12″][tmq_divider align=»center»]PRICE TABLES[/tmq_divider][/tmq_col][/tmq_row]

[tmq_row][tmq_col size=»12″][tmq_pricetable grid_columns=»3″ post_id=»248″][/tmq_col][/tmq_row]

[tmq_row][tmq_col size=»12″][tmq_accordions shortcodemode=»custom» title=»» slug=»slug-bunpH» collapse=»automatic» postid=»226″][tmq_accordion order=»0″ title=»GET THE CODE» collapse=»automatic» slug=»slug-bunpH» mode=»open»][pre]{{tmq_pricetable grid_columns=»3″ post_id=»123″}}[/pre][/tmq_accordion][tmq_accordion order=»1″ title=»CODE EXPLAINED» collapse=»automatic» slug=»slug-bunpH» mode=»close»]


This shortcode will generate price tables on your page. Your pricing plans is a custom post type in Ventus which this shortcode will read from it.

  • grid_columns: Number of columns that the price table block is split. This should be a number between 1 to 4. Default number is 3.[br][br]
  • post_id: Post ID of the specific price tables. Don’t worry! You don’t need to know it. You can choose your price table group in Themique Power Shortcodes from a combo box. It’s super easy![br][br]

[/tmq_accordion][tmq_accordion order=»2″ title=»DON’T WANT TO CODE!» collapse=»automatic» slug=»slug-bunpH» mode=»close»]Screen Cast of Visual ShortCode Manager Coming Soon![/tmq_accordion][/tmq_accordions][/tmq_col][/tmq_row]

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